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Sustainable responsibility

We cannot make any new product without taking sustainability into account.
To navigate in the jungle of sustainability I have divided the topic into three main categories:
Longevity, Carbon footprint and Circularity.
Each headline has three subcategories. 

If all 9 points are achieved we are close to have a sustainable product 

  • Longevity

The overall lifespan of a product are equal to better sustainability. To expand the lifespan of a product, below points are essential.

1. Ease replacement of parts 

2. Solid construction // durability

3 Aesthetics with a classic look  

  • Carbon footprint // Co2-E

All new products should aim to have the lowest possible carbon footprint. To achieve this below points are essential

4. Transport / shipping 

5. Production carbon footprint 

6. Material carbon footprint 

  • Circularity

Truly sustainable products are circular. The full circle, cradle to cradle production, has to include below points. 

7. Recyclable material 

8. Material impact 

9. Takeback strategy

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